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Google Leads – What is it?

Leads allows you to connect your Google Business Profile to PocketSuite, automatically adding a large and interactive “Book online” button to your profile which links directly to your PocketSuite Online Booking site. This helps clients more easily find and book you through Google Search and Maps when searching for your business or a service you offer. Opting-in may give your business’ Search ranking a boost as well!


Read our full article on the overview, setup, and use of Leads or continue reading for important FAQs.


I don’t have a Google Business Profile, how do I create one? 

Setting up a Google Business Profile is a great way to increase your online presence and visibility. To get started, go to the Google Business Profile website and click "Manage Now.” You’ll need to verify your business. Learn more about verifying your business.


It's important to keep your Google Business Profile up to date to help your visibility in Google searches. PocketSuite’s integration makes it easy to get leads and keep up with reviews by allowing you to respond to new reviews directly from PocketSuite! Make sure to regularly add new photos, update your hours of operation, and add as much additional information as possible. 


What are the general eligibility requirements?

To use Google Leads, you must:

  • Be on a PocketSuite Premium, Team, or Enterprise plan
  • Have a verified Google Business Profile
  • Have Online Booking enabled (Go to Settings > Features to turn it on!)
  • Create at least one service, class, reservation, package, or subscription with Show online turned on.
  • Have a public address listed on your Google Business Profile. Unfortunately, Google does not yet support service area businesses with this integration.

These restrictions are due to Google’s policies and only apply to Google Leads. All businesses with a Google Business Profile and a PocketSuite subscription are eligible to use the Reviews feature.


How long does it take to start getting leads?

Once you’ve connected your Google Business Profile and opted-in to Leads, it will take at least three days for Google to add the Book Online button to your Profile. If you recently created a Google Business Profile, this process could take up to two weeks. 


I don’t have a public address or I am a mobile business, why can’t I use Leads?

Google’s policies restrict the Google Leads integration to businesses with a location and public address. Unfortunately, we have no control over these policies, but we do have a standing request to expand eligibility further and will be sure to inform you of any changes to Google’s policies. In the meantime, you can still take advantage of the Google Reviews feature.


Is there a cost for using the Leads feature?

No, our Leads feature is entirely free. 


I don’t use online booking, can I link to something else instead?

Unfortunately, Google only allows us to connect the Online Booking site with this integration. What we recommend is setting up your Online Booking site to offer an initial consultation or discovery call that new clients can book online. See this article for a detailed walkthrough of how to set up a consultation and optimize your settings to protect your schedule. This way, you can still capture new leads while maintaining control over your bookings and the clients that you serve. 


How long before the book now button appears on my Google Business profile?

If you have an existing Google Business Profile, it will take up to three days for you Google Business Profile to connect to PocketSuite. If you recently created your Google Business Profile, it can take up to two weeks for the Book online button to appear.

Why is the Book Online button not showing up on my profile?

It takes up to three days for changes to be made on your profile once you opt in. If you recently created your profile, changes can take up to two weeks. Your Google Business Profile must also be verified by Google. If you’re still within that period, please check again in a few days and let us know if you still do not see it. 


There are a few other restrictions Google places, which may affect your profile specifically. If the business category of your Google Business Profile (separate from your PocketSuite industry) falls under a medical or retail designation, Google will not enable the integration. Unfortunately, we have no control over these policies, but we do have a standing request to expand eligibility further and will be sure to inform you of any changes to Google’s policies. In the meantime, you can still take advantage of the Google Reviews feature.


Is my industry eligible for leads and reviews?

All industries are eligible to receive leads and reviews. You can use this feature as long as your business has a Google Business profile and a PocketSuite subscription.


Can I still use the Reviews feature without using the Leads feature?

Of course! Once you’ve connected your Google Business Profile to PocketSuite, simply toggle “Opt-in to Google Leads” off while leaving “Opt-in to Google Reviews” on to request reviews through PocketSuite. See our full article on the setup and use of Reviews.


Can I source leads nationally for my virtual services?

You can, but it’s difficult as you will be competing with much larger corporations with larger budgets. The Google Business Profile is primarily setup to optimize your online presence near your location or within your service area. The larger your service area is though, the more businesses you’re competing with to bring in leads, making it difficult to drive leads. That said, you should still connect your Profile to PocketSuite as every bit counts. Plus, if anyone searches your business specifically they will be able to easily book. If you’re sourcing leads nationally through Google, Google ads might come in handy as well.


I just created my Google Business Profile but I still can’t connect to PocketSuite, what do I do?

If you just created your Google Business Profile in the last few days, please try again once it’s been three days from setting up your Profile. Newly created Profiles, especially those that are unverified, can take around three days to process before they’re ready to connect. 


How do I turn off Leads or disconnect my Google Business Profile entirely? 

You can turn off Leads by heading to Settings > Leads & reviews and toggling “Opt-in to Google Leads” off.

To completely disconnect your Google Business Profile from PocketSuite, head to Settings > Leads & reviews and tap Disconnect at the bottom of the screen. Please note that it will take up to three days for Google to remove your Online Booking site from your Google Business Profile. 


What permissions am I giving PocketSuite in managing my Google Business Profile?


We use multiple integrations to make this feature possible and these permissions are a blanket set of permissions Google creates when someone uses these integrations. PocketSuite will never delete your account or add anyone an additional owner of your listing. It is in our best interest to keep protect and grow your online presence. The only things we would change publicly about your profile are as follows:

  • If you use Leads, your Online booking link will be posted and we will share a list of your services (only those set to Show Online) so when someone searches for a service in your area, Google knows to surface your profile
  • If you use reviews, you can respond to Google reviews from PocketSuite, which we then send to Google to post as a public response. No response would ever be sent unless you initiate it from your Reviews dashboard.


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