PocketSuite’s Reviews feature allows you to request feedback from your customers while also displaying the quality of your services on your Online Booking site. When you integrate your Google Business Profile, you can grow your online presence by boosting your review rating! 


This feature is related to the Google Leads feature, read more about Leads here. Using the Reviews feature is free to use, regardless of whether or not you use Leads.


To get started, go to “Settings” > “Features” and make sure that “Leads and Reviews” is enabled. 


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How to set up Reviews

To get started, tap on “Leads & Reviews” under “Settings”. 



If this is your first time setting up, you previously disabled Google Reviews, or you are a returning PocketSuite Pro, you will need to link your Google Business Profile. Tap on “Connect to Google” to get started. You will be prompted to log in with the Google account associated with the Google Business Profile you wish to link. 



If there are multiple Google Business Profiles associated with your Google account, select which one you wish to use. You can only link one PocketSuite account to one Google Business Profile location.



Once you have selected a profile to connect, you will have the option to enable leads and reviews. Toggle “Opt-in to Google Reviews” to enable or disable Google Reviews for your account. If you wish to disconnect your Profile for any reason, tap “Disconnect” at the bottom of the screen.


Requesting reviews from your clients

PocketSuite’s Reviews feature makes it easy for you to request reviews on receipts and automatically via text after appointments. 


When you opt-in to Reviews, clients are passively requested to leave a review on receipts as shown below. 



To customize how often clients are sent review requests over text, tap on “Request reviews after appointments”. 



You will be brought to the screen below. Tap how often you wish to request a review over text from  clients following appointments and transactions. This setting limits how often clients will receive a review request over text. For example, “Only once per month” means that a client will only receive one request per month, regardless of the number of appointments within that month. Likewise, “Only once every year” means that a client will only receive on request per year, regardless of the number of transactions within that year. Select “Never” to never request reviews over text. These options only apply to review requests over text, review requests will be included on receipts when you’ve toggled Opt-in to reviews on, regardless of this setting.



Review requests are tied to transactions processed through PocketSuite and the appointments tied to those transactions. Read our FAQ to read the complete list of transaction types which trigger a review request. These messages are sent automatically by PocketSuite and do not need to be set up through a Smart Campaign. Using the Reviews feature is free to use, regardless of whether or not you use Leads.

How clients leave reviews

When clients tap the link to leave a review from a receipt or automated text request, they will first be prompted to leave a review within PocketSuite. Clients will see your business name, any associated team members, the service they are reviewing, and the date. They will leave a review between 1-5 stars and add an optional text review. If their review is 4 or 5 stars, they will be prompted to leave a review on Google as well. When they tap “Yes, take me to Google,” their response will be copied to their clipboard so they can easily paste and leave a Google review in only a few taps.



All reviews, whether 1-3 stars or 4-5 stars, will be recorded in PocketSuite for you to view and respond to. 

How to track and manage your reviews

PocketSuite’s Reviews feature comes with a review dashboard to track and respond to reviews. Here you can view, respond, and filter your client reviews. “Clients sent to Google” shows you how many clients tapped the button to leave a review on Google. You’ll first be brought to your PocketSuite reviews. These are the reviews that clients leave within PocketSuite after responding to a review request on a receipt or automated text. These reviews are completely private and can only be viewed by you and your admin level team members. .



For PocketSuite reviews, tap “Respond” to type your response which will be sent as a message to the client. PocketSuite reviews can only be seen by you and your response is sent privately to the client. 



If you wish to see the entirety of a client’s review before responding, tap on the review to see their full review as well as the services and team members associated with the review, if applicable.



Note: Team members with Admin status can respond to reviews when given permission. To adjust permission, head to the Team dashboard > tap a team member > Edit > Role > Toggle “Can respond to reviews.”



Tap on the arrow at the top of your screen to filter between PocketSuite and Google reviews. Google reviews are all reviews posted on Google, whether prompted by PocketSuite or not. This gives you the ability to manage your Google reviews directly from PocketSuite, without having to go to Google. Here, you can respond to Google reviews which will post a merchant response publicly on your Google Business Profile. Team members which have permission to respond to reviews can also respond publicly to Google reviews on behalf of your business.




Displaying reviews on your booking site

Your Google rating and reviews will be displayed on your online booking site when you opt-in to Reviews, allowing clients to see your public reviews without leaving your Online Booking site. Note that only your public Google reviews are displayed. The PocketSuite reviews shown on your Reviews dashboard are not public. Clients cannot leave reviews on your booking site, only view your Google Reviews.




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