How do I import my sub-accounts?

Importing your sub-account profiles is as easy as 1-2-3! 


  1. Head to Settings > Data import and select CSV to receive an email with all the available import templates with all client fields already added. Alternatively, download our sub-account profile import template to CSV or Excel. 
    1. Hint: If you've already created fields for your sub-account, you will want to use the import template available through the app rather than the one linked above as the app template will already be customized for your account! 
  2. Add your client and sub-account information. Keep in mind that:
    1. If you’re also importing your client list, you should be sure to do that first
    2. If you have custom fields for your pets, be sure that those have been imported or have been created under Settings > Client fields. 
    3. Ensure that the client name you use in column A matches the exact client name in your account, otherwise the sub-account profile will not be created. 
    4. If a client has multiple sub-accounts, each pet needs to be on their own line. You should use the same client name in column A on all lines.
  3. Send an email to with your sub-account profile import template file attached and our imports team will add them to your account.


For current Pros:


If you’re a current Pro already storing sub-account information in PocketSuite, before following the steps above, you can export your information from PocketSuite to make the transition even easier! You can export your information by going to Settings > Data Export


If you store your sub-account information in custom fields on the client profile, you can export this information by selecting the export type Clients. You can then copy the pertinent information into the sub-account profile import template. 


If you store your sub-account information in a form, use the export type Forms. This will send you a folder which includes a separate CSV file for each of your forms. Select the appropriate form containing the sub-account information and copy the information over to the sub-account profile import template.


As noted above, if you have created sub-account fields under Settings > Client fields, use the export type Sub-accounts to receive a CSV file with your sub-account fields. You can use this exported file as your sub-account profile import template which you send to our imports team. 


Want us to take care of it all for you? Check out our Fast Feature service! We’ll export all your information, create your import template, and import your sub-account profiles for you. We’ll even adjust the setup of your client fields to be sure the fields are properly separated between client and sub-account fields.

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