Document and Form Expiration

With Document Expiration Tracking, you and your clients can add expiration dates to their documents. This makes it easier to keep track of important dates, like pet vaccination records. 


In this article:

  • Learn how to add an expiration date to a file upload field
  • Learn how clients can update their records.
  • See how expiration dates will appear to clients during online booking, on online forms, and on client profiles 

To get started, edit an existing file upload field or create a new file upload field. Check out our Suite Center article on Document Fields to learn more about the specifics of collecting files from clients and Client Fields to learn about how to create and place client fields for your clients to complete during checkout.


Tap Show field, to see options for where the file upload button will appear for you and your clients. Tap Done. A field must appear only on the client and/or sub-account record to track expirations. You cannot track expirations if the field also appears on the booking or order record.


Now, you’ll see an option to Under “Show field,” tap Field expires.




Now, select when this field expires. You can either choose a time period after which the field expires or you can select on specific date. When you select “On specific date,” you and your clients will be able to select a specific date when uploading a file. This is a great option for vaccination records which expire at different times for different clients.



Important Note: You can always keep track of expiring documents from your dashboard. Go to Home > Documents and filter your clients based on their document status. Plus, you can browse their Document history to look at expired files. All files uploaded to any file upload field, even those without an expiration date, will appear here.




You can manually request a client update their records at any time from the documents dashboard. This will send them a text with a link to upload the latest version and set a new expiration date (unless fields expire on a set cycle).


Clients will also be prompted to update expired files during the next checkout, where they first completed the field. For example, if the field appears during booking and confirmation, once a file expires, the next time a client books or confirms an appointment with you, they will see the blank field again and be able to upload the latest version. 


And you’re all set! Now, you and your clients will have the option to add an expiration date when they upload a file during online booking, submit an online form, or update their profile. 


Pro tip: You can also set forms to expire after a certain period of time. For example, if you want clients to fill out a fresh intake form each year, you can set the form to expire after 1 year. Wherever this form is attached, for example to a service, the next time the client books or confirms that service once the form has expired they will be required to fill it out again. When editing a form, you can set the expiration under the “Always require” setting. 


Here’s what your clients will see when they upload or update a document with an expiration date:


Online booking 




Online lead form



Client profile


Screenshot 2023-11-12 at 10.55.48 PM.jpeg

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