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We updated this feature!

This tutorial contains a feature that has been upgraded or removed. To learn how to use the new and improved Online Leads feature to grow your business, go here:

You can use the Online leads feature to collect info from your clients when they're registering through the online widget.
This can be enabled under Settings > Features.

Quick Setup

Once enabled you can create/edit fields under Settings > Online Leads > Fields. Here are some more details on the field types:



Detailed Setup

After turning on in features, head to settings>online leads. From there, you can change the settings to the leads form. 



Field Setup

After selecting fields, you can add, edit, delete, or reorder fields. 






When adding a field, you'll need to select the type of field. Here's more details on the field types:



For a visualization of this feature, take a look at this video below:

Video Transcript:

Online leads are a great way for you to capture information from a client, or a prospective client, who comes to your website. What you want to do is go to Settings>Features, go down to online leads; finish watching the video before you dive in, and then tap save. Once you've done that you'll go back to settings and you'll see that you have a tab for online leads. What you want to do is tap to email yourself the instructions so you can put this on your website, and then you'll want to tap in the field and decide what kind of information you'd like to get from your clients. You can tap in any of the fields, and you can decide whether or not you’d like to make them required, or if you'd like to show them on the appointment. You can also tap the plus to add a new field, you can then name the field, and then you can decide what type of field it is; multiple choice, checkbox, date, email, phone, number, etc. 


  1. Settings>Features
  2. Toggle Online Leads, tap save.
  3. Tap to email yourself the instructions for adding Online Leads to a website.
  4. Tap in the field and define whatever questions you want answered by prospective clients.
  5. Indicate which questions they’re required to answer and if you want them listed on appointments.
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