Having Scheduling Issues?

How did two of my clients book their appointments for the same date and time?

Make sure you don’t have “Allow double booking” enabled under settings > scheduling. If you only want to take one appointment at a time, also toggle on single capacity under service. 


My calendar on online booking is greyed out and not showing any availability. Why?

Let's troubleshoot this in a few ways:

1) Check to make sure you have your business hours set by tapping on settings > scheduling > my hours

2) For any service, make sure the availability is set to "same as business" or you can always add service level availability here. For example, my business hours are Monday - Friday from 9AM - 5PM; however for my Private Lesson service, I only offer this on Mondays from 9AM - 1PM. 

3) For any service, make sure you have toggled on to show online. 

4) Tap on the calendar icon > check the calendar dates to make sure you don't have any full day blocks. These could be blocks from other appointments or personal appointments syncing into Pocketsuite. For example, on your personal calendar, you may have an event called Birthday Party or First day of School, if you have this set on your personal calendar as a full day appointment, it will sync into your Pocketsuite calendar as a full day appointment, blocking anyone from booking you that day. 


I added a service but it's not showing as available for my team member. 

This is common if the service added is not added under the team member's eligible services to provide. Tap on the homescreen > team member > select the team member > edit > eligible services and select all the services the team member can provide. 

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