Release Notes 02/26/18 - v4.9.0


We updated these release notes!

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We’ve heard your feedback and are excited to update you on our latest release. It's a BIG one with tons of goodies. The major new features rolled out in this release are the Leaderboard, Class check in & out, Location tracking for pros, Auto check in and out for jobs, and the ability to track and visualize the live location of your pros.

See below for more specifics...hint hint if you tap on the category title there are videos to learn more about a specific feature. If you have any questions or feedback you can message us right in the app. 

  • Leaderboard - The LeaderBoard is all about helping you and your business SUCCEED, including: - we will provide you Suite Tips on how to #delightclients, #makemoremoney, & #savetime - it's real time, industry data to benchmark your business - you will see top pros in your industry & have the opportunity to earn recognition. It will feature an Anonymous chat with industry VIPs to share best practices. All information included in the LeaderBoard is anonymized. No personally identifiable information is used. All data is based on month to date verified income and transactions. The 1st day of each month shows previous month end results
  • Earn badges - What we've heard from businesses is that there is SO much going on and they don't know what to focus on. We've put together this secret formula for success into a fun way to compete with others in your industry and truly know that what you are doing is helping you build the future that you want. For example, there is a badge for becoming verified to process payments on PocketSuite, for earning your first $100 in a week, and for becoming a BRONZE VIP ($2,000) in less than 30 days, among many others. Take a look at the #WIN section for all of the badges you can (and WILL) earn!
  • VIP Chat - Part of the Leaderboard will be a VIP chat. If you just started with us, you will be able to view the chat and learn from VIPs in your industry. VIP chats will vary but the focus is on how to grow your business effectively. What is a VIP you ask?'s a business who earns more than $2,000 of verified income on PocketSuite (credit/debit/prepaid/ACH payments from clients) and is subscribed to a Premium plan. These businesses are growing at a faster rate than all other small businesses in the nation because they have the right tools in place and are spending their time on the right things. We have different tiers of VIPs starting at Bronze ($2,000/mo), Silver ($5,000/mo), Gold ($10,000/mo), and Diamond ($20,000/mo). You will see a badge indicating each Pro’s tier in the VIP chat.
  • Suite Tips - As part of the Leaderboard you will have access to tips tailored to you based on your current income levels and what we see as best practice among other pros in your industry. It's like a FREE private business coach
  • Class check in and out - This is a highly requested feature from our pros who have classes...they want to be able to keep track of attendance. Voila - now you can! If you pull up your class roster in PocketSuite when your class is about to start, and swipe right on a person's appointment you will be able to check them in. Added bonus is if your client downloads the PocketSuite app and enables location permissions, when they arrive at the class we will auto check them in (no manual work needed).
  • Live location tracking for your pros - Did you get that dreaded call from your client wondering where their service professional is? Then you have to call or text them incessantly to find out they are just 3-minutes away. Problem solved. If you have your pros added in the app and they have location permissions enabled, then you will be able to see on a map exactly where they are and what their estimated time of arrival is. You'll see a new icon on your agenda calendar view when it's close to the appointment time to track one or multiple pros as they are on their way or at a job.
  • Auto employee check in and out for jobs - It's one needs to be tapping "I'm here" and "I'm on my way to the next job" because we have GPS....if your pros enable location permissions we will automatically notify you and check them into their job...once they leave the job site we will check them out automatically. Of course if their battery dies, they don't have location permissions enabled or we can't detect their location, you will still able to manually check them in and out.
  • Added support for 12 hour appointments - Sometimes appointments run a little longer. We increased the max duration of an appointment from 8 to 12 hours.
  • Suite Center - While we aim to make the app as intuitive as possible, we all have a little doubt or a simple question from time to time. Check out our brand new Suite Center, which has frequently asked questions and our answers: We'll keep improving on it so let us know what other great questions you have. Don’t be shy!!! More than likely, if you’re curious about it, other Pros will benefit from having the answer too.
  • Send reminders but not confirmations - You can now schedule appointments silently but still send a reminder. If you have the Itemization feature (which is part of the Premium subscription plan or higher) turned on in your account, when scheduling an appointment you will see a Send Via area. If you set that to 'don't notify' but specify a reminder then you'll be able to schedule the appointment without sending a confirmation but still have us remind the client automatically. This is helpful when the client doesn't need a confirmation or if you're scheduling this during odd hours and don't want to bother your client.
  • Staff and admin can now see custom fields - If you have additional information stored on your client record and your pro has access to that particular client, they will now be able to see the custom field information. We hope this makes it easier for your pros to be more independent so you can focus on growing your business and less on these types of little details.
  • Pull to refresh your dashboard and inbox - This one is pretty nifty. If you want to refresh your inbox or dashboard, simply swipe down to refresh. This will be especially helpful for you busy pros with lots of incoming messages each day!
  • Admins can now export data - If you have a pro setup as an admin, they can now request data for bookkeeping purposes.
  • New and improved receipts when paying pros - When you pay a pro through PocketSuite, we've redesigned the receipt for pro payments.. Your logo will show in the top left and it will clearly indicate the date and amount you paid them, along with any memo added.
  • Subscriptions now run at 10:30am PDT - Subscriptions are moving up from 11am to 10:30am PDT. The big reason to do this is because of our same day payout cutoff at 12pm PDT. We want to make sure subscription payments have an opportunity to be eligible to be paid out same day, when subscriptions run on a weekday.
  • New Tasks feature - When you head to the Features tab in Premium, Plus, or Suite you will now see a Tasks feature. Turn that on if you want to keep track of todos for yourself or your pros. You can assign tasks to your pros and notify them. You can even specify a due date so it shows up on your calendar. The devil is in the details!
  • Redesigned subscriptions dashboard - for pros with a lot of subscriptions, we've made it easier to digest and run analysis on your active subscriptions. The first dashboard within Subscriptions will show you all active, confirmed subscriptions. The next one will show you recently cancelled subscriptions (so you can focus on winning these back). Third one shows all outstanding, unpaid subscriptions. The fourth one shows clients who confirmed a subscription previously but their card on file is no longer valid or it declined for some other reason. We hope this helps you better manage your recurring subscriptions.

Our ultimate goal at PocketSuite is to give you the tools & insights you need to be your own boss and do more of what you love. We hope we took a major step in that direction with this release.

As always, your feedback is very important to us so please let us know how we’re doing and what improvements you'd like to see in future versions of PocketSuite by texting us in the app. Thank you for being a valued customer and we look forward to delighting you again in the future. Please tell a friend or leave a review if you’re happy with your experience with PocketSuite.


Josh and the PocketSuite team

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