Adding Photos to Client Profile

Client Profile Photo:

If you're a Pro, you can add a photo for your client by tapping on the client's record > edit > add photo under the profile icon. 

If you're a client of a Pocketsuite Pro, you can add your own profile photo by first downloading the Pocketsuite app > settings > profile > add photo by tapping on the profile icon. 

Note Photos:

If you're a fitness trainer, esthetician, contractor, you can use the note feature under the client's record to add multiple notes and photos under the client's profile. This is particularly useful to save any "before" and "after" photos. 

Appointment Photos:

If you would like to add photos specifically to the appointment, tap on the appointment > more > note > add note and photo there. You can also add multiple notes and photos to attach to the same appointment. 

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