Deep Dive on Categories


If you've already read our introductory article on Categories but are looking for more detail on the feature, read on! The Categories feature is the best way for you to organize your online bookings. 

Create a Simple Category

If all you need is a bit of organization of your services, a Simple Category could be all you need.

1. Ensure you have the the Categories feature enabled:

Open up PocketSuite Settings, tap Features, scroll down until you see Categories, tap the switch to turn the feature ON and then tap Save. Now, when you go back to Settings, you should see Categories listed.

2. Create a New Category

Once you've enabled Categories, tap on the menu item to be taken to Category Settings and then tap the Plus Button**. Creating a basic category is as easy as:

a) Adding a Name

b) Selecting the Services you offer that fall under your new category

c) Tapping Save

Create a Professional Category:

If you really want to make your category look clean and professional, you should also:

a) Add a Description

b) Add a Cover Image

Edit Your Categories

To edit a category, just tap on it. You'll be taken to the Category Details view. You can also swipe on a category to delete it, or drag the handle for a category up and down to reorder them.


Here are a few things about using Categories that you might not know:

a) By flipping a category's Show Online switch to OFF, you can prevent clients from booking any of the services in that category.

b) You can use categories to send clients to targeted services by adding ?category=CategoryName to the end of your booking link. For example, the Category Name I set for the one I created above was Salon Services. So, in this case, I would add ?category=SalonServices to the end of my booking link to send clients directly to that category.

Pretty rad, right?

totally rad

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