Quick Setup of Contracts

The contracts feature in PocketSuite is a super easy way to protect yourself financially and legally. You can set up liability waivers in the unlikely event a client is injured, have them sign that they understand and agree to your cancellation policy, or much more!

To get started, be sure the feature is turned on. Go to Unlock more features > contracts > save. You’ll then have a contracts tab in your settings page. Tap + to create a new contract.




PocketSuite can smartly pull in various info from the client record so you don’t have to make a new contract each time. We use “dynamic fields” which will appear in curly brackets- here are the different ones you can use.

Add your contract body (using dynamic fields if you’d like!) and your signature right on the screen. Then you’ll have a nice contract you can either attach to services, classes, or packages, or you’ll have a link you can send to any client to sign. Tap paper and pen at the bottom of a message to pull up a list of everything you can send to a client. 


You can go back into settings > contracts > tap the contract and then you can preview it. You can also view it in a browser by tapping the paper with an arrow in the top right corner. 



Protip: If you’d prefer, you can send us your contracts in an editable format (such as Word) and we can upload them for you! Email support@pocketsuite.io

Check out the video below for more instruction on this feature:

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