Features: Appointment or Payment Reminders

PocketSuite has a great feature that will automatically remind your clients of their appointments or payments due. Turn on the feature by going to settings > features > reminders > save to get started.

Then you can go to settings > notifications > appointment reminders to adjust the default for your appointments.

You can always override these settings as you're scheduling an individual appointment. 

The appointment reminder message is standard and is as follows: 

Hi Client: Just a friendly reminder about your upcoming appointment with Business Name on Oct 27th at 11:00 am PDT - the link to the appointment is below. Best, Your Name, Your Business Name, Your Phone Number

If you'd like to customize the text of your reminders, you can use a Smart Campaign- the type "Send prep for appointment" will allow you to send any message you like before a client books. 

Protip: There's a period of "quiet time" between 8pm-8am, so if your settings would have your reminder go out during that time, include a client email and change the "send via" to both text and email so they're sure to get their reminder!

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