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If you tend to capture the same types of info from your clients over and over, consider making a form they can easily fill out on their phones or computers in advance. Or you can create an internal form you can fill out on your end. It'll all be saved in their client profile so you can easily refer to it at any time. Here's how:

Begin by making sure the forms feature is turned on in settings > features > forms > save.

You'll then have a section in settings called Online forms. You can tap + to create a new form. 


You have two decisions to make here. First, you'll want to decide if you'll be attaching this form to a service or class, and if so, would you like your clients to fill it out every time they book that service or class. If so, you'll want to toggle on "always require" and they'll be sent the form to fill out every time. If not, leave it off. And next you'll want to decide if this is a publicly-facing form to send to clients, or an internal one that's for your or your staff's use. If you'd like to make it internal-only, you can toggle off "show online". 

Then, you'll name and save your form. Then, you'll add your fields.


There are several field types to choose from, but do note that "integer" is just a fancy word for number. You can decide at this point if you'd like to make the question required or optional. 



Protip: If you choose multiple choice, be sure to go in and add the choice options individually. 


Once you have all your fields in place, you may want to preview the form to see how it will appear on the client's side. Tap the form name > preview


You can then send the form to the client in a message by tapping the WWW button at the bottom or make it a required part of booking. You'll also have a Forms dashboard on the home page of the app where you can send a form. This is where you'll go to add an internal-only form. 




If you have elected to make this an internal-only form, you can go to the Forms dashboard on the homepage and tap + to add the form for the client. Once it's filled out, you can access it in the same place as above.

If you'd like to attach a form to a service, you can do that in settings > services



Protip: You're always welcome to send us your forms to support@pocketsuite.io and we will import them into your account for you!

If you'd prefer a video visualization of this feature, checkout this instructional video below:


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