Invoices - Itemization

PocketSuite’s Invoicing feature allows you to send clients an itemized breakdown of the charges by item, appointment, add-on products, and expenses.


To get started, go to “Settings” > “Features” and enable “Itemization”. 


In this article, learn how to itemize your invoice by:


When creating your invoice, you will see a section labeled “Itemize”. Click on the links above or scroll down to learn more about how to use these fields.


Adding Items

Items include add-on products, services, and packages. Tap on “Add an item” to get started.

Tap on “Item”. You will see a list of add-on products, services, and packages that you offer. Tap on the item you want to add.

Tap “Quantity” to specify the quantity of the selected item that you would like to add to the invoice. 

If you want to charge for sales tax, toggle “Add sales tax”. If you want to apply the discount specified in the “Total” field to this item, toggle “Allow discount”. Tap “Done” when you have made these adjustments to your invoice.

Returning to the invoice, “Total” will now reflect the total cost of the items you have listed so far. If you want to add another item, tap “Items” and tap “Add another item”.



Adding Expenses

Expenses are defined as any reimbursable costs required to prep or deliver service to your client. The itemization feature allows you to include and charge for these expenses. Tap on “Add an expense” to itemize these costs.

Tap on “Amount” to specify how much you want to invoice for a single type of expense.

Tap on “Type” to specify the type of expense you want to invoice the client for. 

If you want to describe your expense, tap on “Memo” to include more details about the cost.

If you want to add sales tax to this expense, toggle “Add sales tax”. If you want to apply the discount specified in “Total” to this expense, toggle “Allow discount”. Tap “Done” when you are satisfied with your settings.

Your expenses will be added to the overall total of the invoice. If you want to add another expense, tap “Expenses” and select “Add another expense”. 



Adding Appointments

To begin, tap on “Add an appointment”. Appointments can only be added to invoices when they have been confirmed. Tap all of the appointments for which you would like to invoice your client. Tap “Done when you are satisfied.

The cost of your appointment will be added to your invoice total. If you want to add another appointment, tap on “Appointments” and select another appointment.

After you have finished itemizing your invoice, complete the invoice as you normally would.


Video Setup: 


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