The PocketSuite app makes it super easy to give a client a discount- there are a couple different ways to do it. Start by enabling the feature here: settings > features > discounts > save

You'll then have a couple different ways to apply a discount. First, you can add a discount to a client profile. It'll always be applied for them unless you adjust it in the total field. 


You can also add or adjust a discount anywhere you can adjust the total- on a calendar booking or invoice, for example. Tap total to access the screen where you can find the discount field.

Pro tip: You can decide which services get the discount when adding them in service. 



Another way to add discounts is to apply it on the settings level for all clients- you can go to settings > packages, classes, services, or subscriptions to apply discounts as well. 


You can also now do line item discounts. When you add an item, you can select if the discount applies to that item. Head to settings>features>itemization and make sure that is toggled on to use this discount option. 


One last way to add discounts is with a Smart Campaign. You can add seasonal discounts with an expiration date, discounts just for clients who've purchased a specific item or a number of items, and much more.

For video instructions on this feature, check out this tutorial:

Video Transcript:

You can easily apply discounts in PocketSuite, first go to Setting>Features, find discounts, and turn it on. We do encourage you to finish watching this video before you dive in. Tap save. Then, find the client, you can go to messages, tap the dollar icon, that’ll bring up your invoice, you can enter the total, and you can enter the discount amount, you can decide if you’d like it to be a percentage or a flat dollar amount, if you select percent, you can set the percentage here, tap done, next, and send, and then your client will receive their invoice which they can tap on and pay.



  1. Settings>Features
  2. Select Discounts, Toggle On
  3. Save
  4. Find the client the discount is for, tap the dollar icon to bring their invoice up.
  5. Apply either a fixed or variable discount and then send it to the client for the discounted amount.
  6. Once your client receives the message that their invoice is ready it will show the discounted amount, and then they can pay you.
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