Arrival & Checkout Alerts

PocketSuite makes it easy to let your clients know the status of their Pro. We have a great feature- Arrival & Checkout Alerts that will allow you to check in and check out your Pros from their jobsites. To begin, make sure the feature is on- go to settings > features > arrival & checkout alerts > save. You'll also need to make sure your staff member has the PocketSuite app, has location permissions enabled, and has not turned off their phone or their phone has not died. Don't forget to assign them to the appointment.

When you're in calendar view, you can see currently scheduled appointments with a staff member who has location permissions turned on will be marked with a map icon.


Tap on the appointment and at the bottom you'll see the assigned Pro's name.


You can tap it to see their current location. Once they get within 60 yards of the scheduled location, they'll be auto checked in. If for some reason they can't check in (say, a dead phone, for example), you or another admin can swipe on their name on the map page to check them in or out. 


For video instructions on this feature, check out this tutorial:

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