Tips are a wonderful way for your clients to show their appreciation of your hard work and artistry. Enable the feature here: settings > features > gratuity > save.

Once you've done that, you can go to settings > scheduling to set your suggested gratuity amount that will appear to the client when they're checking out. 


They always have the option to skip or adjust the suggested amount.


If you'd prefer video instructions to this feature, take a look at this tutorial video:

Video Transcript:

If you’d like to generate a little extra income and let your clients show their appreciation, you should enable gratuity. If you go to Settings>Features, and toggle gratuity on; we do encourage you to finish watching this video before you dive in, and tap save. Then you'll be able to accept tips. If you go to charge, select the client, and enter a total, tap next, and then you can enter a gratuity that they tell you or you can hand your device to them and let them do it. We could do a percentage of the total or a fixed dollar amount. Right now we're going to say that she said put a 15% gratuity on her charge, and you can see you've made one $143.75 instead of $125.00.


  1. Settings>Features
  2. Toggle Gratuity on and tap Save.
  3. Go to charge, select a client, input the amount due.
  4. Either the client, or the Pro can then enter in the gratuity amount as either a percentage of the total charge or a flat amount.
  5. Invoice per usual, and now the gratuity has been added to the final amount.



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