PocketSuite allows clients to show their support for you and your business by adding a gratuity when making purchases and paying for appointments and invoices!


To get started, make sure that the Gratuity feature is enabled. Go to Settings > Features and toggle on “Gratuity”.


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How to set gratuity

PocketSuite’s Gratuity feature allows you to suggest a gratuity at the conclusion of every transaction and even at the time of booking. To get started, go to Settings > Gratuity. 

PocketSuite allows you to customize when gratuity is requested and the suggested amount of gratuity. To determine the when the client is prompted to add gratuity, tap on “Request gratuity”.


If you wish the client to be prompted for gratuity while booking and at final checkout, tap “At booking and final checkout.” This adds a step to the online booking and appointment confirmation flows to request an upfront gratuity. If you wish for the client to be prompted for gratuity only when checking out, tap “Only at final checkout.”

To customize the suggested amount of gratuity, tap “Suggested gratuity.” You will be brought to the screen below. Tap on the amount you would like to suggest as gratuity. Remember that clients can always opt out of gratuity or change the percentage paid at checkout.


Clients always see three gratuity options, when requested, as well as a custom tip option. The suggested gratuity you select determines the middle value of the three gratuity options. For example, if you set the suggested gratuity at 20%, the three options the clients will see are 15%, 20%, and 25%.  

And that’s it! Tap “Save” once you are satisfied with your settings. This gratuity will now appear during any purchase a client makes. 



Collecting gratuity

Once you have set up your gratuity, you can now charge and collect gratuity on any transaction across all platforms. When charging clients, you now have the option to factor in gratuity as part of their payment. After determining the total amount and method of payment, select a gratuity to include.


If “At booking and final checkout” is enabled, clients will have the option to include gratuity when booking through your online booking website. After selecting a payment method, the client will be prompted to pay gratuity before confirming their purchase. 


When clients are invoiced, they will also have the option to include gratuity when paying. After selecting a payment method, the client will be prompted to pay gratuity before confirming the transaction.


Note: If you are using a WisePOSe or other card reader to process payments, options to select gratuity are built in. For more information, see our article on card readers.


Recording and tracking gratuity

PocketSuite offers a variety of tools to help you track the total gratuity you have received. You can track your total gratuity through your income dashboard. To get started, tap on “Income” from your dashboard. 


Under “Client”, tap a client to view their transaction history. Tap on each transaction to view the breakdown of their payment, which includes gratuity.


You can also record gratuity through the “Mark Paid” feature. To learn more, see our Mark Paid article.


Video Walkthrough:


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