Staffing with a Premium Plus or Suite Account

Staffing is one of PocketSuite's most powerful features. The staffing feature allows you to assign staff to jobs or classes, it lets your clients book your staff, and you can even pay them from within the app! Be sure it's turned on to begin- go to settings > features > staffing > save.

Quick Setup:

To setup an employee head to the dashboard>staff>+


The first thing you want to do is add your staff members. Go to the staffing dashboard and tap +. Be sure to add them with the same mobile number they'll be using to sign up for the app with. Adding a new staff member is pretty straightforward, but you do want to decide on their role from here. Limited staff can only see clients you assign, staff can optionally see all clients, and admin can see everything. You can choose to share your inbox and that means the staff member can act as you when communicating with clients. 


Another thing to add here is the pay rate for the staff member and their schedule. Go ahead and set up their calendar with availability if you know it at this time. You can also specify which services they're eligible for. 


Protip: Add the employee before they grab the app and register, otherwise they'll be signed up as a Pro and you'll have to contact support to have it corrected.


Once you've added your staff, you can assign them to appointments or add them as the instructor to classes.


Protip: If you're unsure who the Instructor for the class will be, you can optionally edit and assign the staff member to it later.

If your staff go to client sites to perform their work, you can keep track of that with Arrival & Checkout Alerts. Please read that article for more info. 

Lastly, you can pay your staff through PocketSuite. If you've set a pay rate in their profile and assigned them as the pro on jobs, this becomes super easy. Simply go to their name in the staffing dashboard > swipe left > pay.


All jobs not yet paid out to a pro will appear in the unpaid jobs section and you can select from there- PocketSuite will magically calculate based upon the pay rate you've set for them!


You can choose to pay via ACH or with a card. ACH can take up to a week, so be sure to keep in mind payday dates when choosing which method to use. You can optionally pass the surcharge along to your staff member if you'd like. 




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