Saved Messages

PocketSuite allows you to quickly and easily save frequently sent messages as templates to be used for any client. Here's how: go to settings > features > saved messages > save

Quick Setup:

Head to settings>saved messages and create the saved messages. Then, when in a message thread, select the icon with an envelope and a calendar. 

Detailed Setup:

Creating a template

Head to settings>saved messages>+ to create a new saved message. You'll add a title that clients won't see and then the message you want to send. Inside the message, you can use dynamic fields. The most popular field is {name} which pulls in the name of the client automatically. 


Editing a template

When in the saved messages settings, you can click on any template to make changes. To learn about more dynamic fields, select explore more fields in green. 


Sending a saved message

You can easily send a saved message to any client inside the message thread. Head to messages>select the client>then select the envelope with the calendar. 



For visual instructions on this feature, check out this video below:

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