Categories make it easy for clients to find what they're looking for on your site. You can sort your services and products into buckets, so they appear online in a streamlined manner. Set up categories for services, products, locations, or even different Pros if you have team members. 

Toggle the feature on in settings > features > categories. Remember to hit save.

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Setup on Mobile

To create new categories for your online booking site, go to Settings>Categories.

Tap + and choose whether you want to create a new service category or a new product category. 


Fill out the form with the category name, description, and cover image. Toggle on Show online if you want this category to appear on your online booking or ordering site. 

For a service category, tap Items to select which services, packages, classes, reservations, promotions, etc., fall under your new category. For a product category, tap Products to add existing products to your new category.

Example of a completed product category:

Example of a completed service category: 

When you’re all set, hit Save.


Edit Your Categories

Tap on the category to edit or sort items. You can also swipe right to left on a category to delete it.

You can reorder the way the categories appear by holding down on the three lines out to the side of the category name, then dragging the category up and down to where you'd like it.

You can also sort the items within the category. Tap on the category > edit > sort items > hold down the 3 lines next to the item to sort it up and down. 


Pro Tip: Once you start using categories, any item not in a category will no longer appear on your online booking site or online shopping site, so be sure all the items that you would like your clients to book or buy all have a home!

To see how service categories appear to your clients, go to Settings > Online booking.

Then tap Preview. 


You can see how product categories appear to clients in Settings > Online ordering > Preview.


Pro Tips

Here are a few things about using Categories that you might not know:

a) By flipping a category's Show Online switch to OFF, you can prevent clients from booking any of the services in that category.

b) You can use categories to send clients to targeted services by adding /category=CategoryName to the end of your booking link. For example, the Category Name I set for the one I created above was Dog-Walking. So, in this case, I would add /category=Dog-Walking to the end of my booking link to send clients directly to that category.


Setup on Desktop:

Set categories on desktop by tapping on settings > categories. If you already set up categories on mobile, it will appear here too. Any changes made on either devices will be reflected on the other device. Tap on "add a category" to add a new category. 



Similar to mobile, you can hold down the 6 dots to move the category. Tap on select to view the option to edit, preview, or sort items.


You can tap edit to edit the information inside the category. Tap the down arrow under items to add more items or the x symbol to remove the item. 



Once your categories are all set, you can tap online booking to see all your categories or tap preview on the actual category to see just that category online. 



Video Setup:

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