Direct Payments

PocketSuite provides you with a payment link your clients can use to pay you super-quickly. Clients can pay you anytime, anywhere, any amount. First, be sure it's turned on- go to settings > features > online payments > save. You'll then be texted a code to give to clients.

You can always access your Pay Link by going to any client message > tapping the WWW icon at the bottom. The Pay Link will be at the very top of the list!


This is an easy way to quickly capture a payment online- the client can put in their own amount and you don't have to attach items or appointments.


If you'd like to send a client a specific amount to pay, you can use this formula:{username}?amount={amount}

You'd change {username} to your username (which you can find in the text with the payment link or in settings > profile > username. You'd then change {amount} to the dollar amount you're requesting, such as 100. Text the link to the client and they'll be able to pay you immediately online with a credit or debit card! 

Check out the video below:


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