Sales Tax

PocketSuite has an easy way to collect sales tax on your services if that's a need in your area. Be sure it's turned on in settings > features > sales tax > save.

Once it's on, you'll be able to tap into the total field for any invoice and toggle the sales tax on or off as you choose. 


On an appointment, you can choose whether the sales tax should be applied at the rate of your location or the client's location. 



If you also have itemization toggled on, you turn adjust sales tax on particular items. 



PocketSuite also has a great feature so you can export your sales tax data each quarter to give to your tax pro. Go to settings > data export to check it out!

Protip: Always consult your tax professional for specific guidelines on which services require sales tax and how to apply it.

For video instructions on this feature, check out this tutorial:


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