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PocketSuite makes it easy for you to collect sales taxes on your services and products should you need to do so. You can collect on different products and services that you may be required to charge for.


To get started, toggle on the feature in Settings > Features > Sales Tax.


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How does PocketSuite calculate my sales tax?

Your sales tax is based on the location of your business in accordance with state and local law. To set the location of your business go to Settings > Sales Tax. 



You’ll see the screen below. Input your business address and PocketSuite will automatically calculate your sales tax. If you work in a state with no sales tax, then PocketSuite will not calculate a sales tax. Likewise, if products are taxed but services are not, sales tax will be automatically applied only to product sales. The same applies if only subscriptions are taxed and so on. If you want to collect sales taxes on all of your transactions, regardless of local regulations, toggle “Always collect sales tax”. 



Note: Enabling “Always collect sales tax” will override any sales tax defaults based on location or service-specific settings but sales tax can always be adjusted on individual transactions

How do I enable/disable sales taxes for specific services and packages?

PocketSuite allows you to choose which services and packages you will collect sales taxes from. To access a specific service, go to Settings > Services to bring up a list of all the services you offer. Tap on the service you would like to edit.



You should now see the information for the service. Tap “Price” to bring up the payment information for the service.


Toggle “Allow sales tax” to enable sales taxes for this service. PocketSuite will automatically determine the amount owed based on the previously calculated rate. Tap “Done” to save these changes.




How do I factor in sales taxes to my invoices and appointments?

PocketSuite allows you to collect sales taxes on invoices sent to your client. While filling out the details of the invoice to your client, tap on “Total”.



You will see the form below. Tap on “Sales Tax”.



From here, you have three options. Choosing “Don’t Collect” does not charge your client for sales tax. Choosing “At business location” charges your client a sales tax based on the location of your company. Choosing “At transaction location” charges your client a sales tax based on the location of the transaction, which applies to mobile businesses traveling to the client’s location.



Note: Any sales tax collected will be deposited into your bank account with your next payout. PocketSuite does not file your sales taxes for you.


The process for collecting sales taxes on appointments is largely the same as that for invoices. When scheduling a client, tap on “Total”. You will be able to select the “Don’t Collect”, “At business location”, and “At transaction location” options to charge your client.





How do I view my sales tax data?

PocketSuite’s Income Dashboard allows you to track your sales tax income.. Start by tapping “Income” on your dashboard.


You will be brought to your income dashboard. To view sales taxes, tap on “Income” at the top and select “Sales Tax”.



You will now be able to see the quantity of sales taxes you have brought in. Tap on the arrow in the top right corner to adjust the time frame of your data.


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