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PocketSuite makes it easy for you and your clients to book multiple services, classes, reservations, and products all at once. This is a simple and efficient way for you to maximize your income in a day. And if you have products that you think would go well with your services, you can upsell those products when clients book you online.

To get started, go to settings > features > multiple services > save.

In this article:

  • Learn how to book a client for multiple services simultaneously
  • Learn how to book multiple services as a client.


Schedule A Client For Multiple Services

Now you can schedule and invoice a client for multiple services all at once. This walkthrough will demonstrate this feature by scheduling a client. In the form below, tap on the “Services” field to bring up a list of all the services you provide. 



To schedule clients for multiple services, simply tap the bubble next to each service that you would like to book. Tap “Done” when you are finished.


To schedule a time and date for the appointment, tap on “Date”. You may select from a menu of given times, or manually change the time by tapping on the “Date & time” field. 




From here, you can customize the rest of the appointment as you normally would.


The process of booking multiple services on PocketSuite’s online platform remains the same. Simply navigate to “Services” and toggle each service you would like to book a client for. Customize your date and time and complete the form for the appointment as you normally would.



Video Setup

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