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We updated this feature!

This tutorial contains a feature that has been upgraded or removed. To learn how to use the new and improved Online Products feature to grow your business, go here:


If you have certain services that can come with an applicable add-on products, like shampoo with a haircut, or a yoga mat with a hot yoga session, you'll LOVE our Add-On Product feature! You can turn this feature on by going to settings > features > add-on products > save.

Quick Setup

You'll add products under settings>products and then you do change inventory from the dashboard>products. Just swipe from right to left and change quantity. 


Detailed Setup

Adding a product

Once that feature is added, you'll be able to add products into your account that can later be added by a client when they are booking a service. To add products, go to settings > products > and click the + symbol on the top right to add a product. Don't forget to add a picture!



Adjusting Inventory

From the dashboard, you can see all products under the products tab. Once there, you can swipe from right to left to change inventory amounts.




Pro tip: When changing inventory amounts, it will add to however many you have in stock so you don't have to. For example, if you have 2 in stock and get 10 more, you'd enter 10 and it would add 10 to your current inventory.

Check out this instructional video on this feature below:

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