2016: Q4 App Release Notes


We updated these release notes!

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Version 3.7.2 (Dec 10, 2016)
Several enhancements, bug fixes and stability improvements:
- add support for previewing invoice [and estimate] while it's being created or edited.
- fixed an issue with scheduling services that have their own distinct availability specified.

Version 3.7.1 (Dec 06, 2016)
Fix an issue with appointment scheduling: status field should be required on appointments & estimates, allow all time periods during data export, fix issue with removed events reappearing during calendar sync

Version 3.7.0 (Dec 04, 2016)
Several enhancements, bug fixes and stability improvements:
- move "Unlock features" to settings screen
- added default services / prices for new accounts
- support for "Email" and "Phone number" custom fields

Version 3.6.17 (Nov 14, 2016)
Several bug fixes and stability improvements: viewing classes on the "Prices" list, re-opening the app, calendar sync setup improvements, scheduling packages

Version 3.6.16 (Nov 11, 2016)
Several bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 3.6.15 (Oct 27, 2016)
Speed up photo uploads, fixed a couple of issues with sync

Version 3.6.14 (Oct 23, 2016)
Several enhancements and bug fixes
1 - camera roll button not appearing in iOS 10
2 - sync delete appointments from local calendar [i.e. delete them also from PocketSuite]
3 - respect surcharge setting when sending employee payments [Premium+ accounts only]
4 - show last login date into account for device
5 - push notifications to multiple devices for account
6 - show # of unread messages on messages screen
7 - rename "Future income" dashboard to "Receivables"
8 - rename "Future payments" dashboard to "Payables"
9 - fixed app crash caused by crash reporting SDK
10 - fixed app crash in messenger whenever new messages arrive
11 - fixed a number of issues in the client and employee dashboards
12 - always show "Done" button on the "Availability" screen during scheduling
13 - apply client discounts and sales tax whenever clients book appointments
14 - support for accessing PocketSuite from both iOS and Android smartphones
15 - default payment method to a checking account [if enabled] when paying employees
16 - show proper surcharge rate [1%] when a checking account is selected when sending payments

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