2017: Q4 App Release Notes


We updated these release notes!

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Version 4.8.3 (Dec 31, 2017)
Fix issues with calendar sync [2018 calendars, large accounts]

Version 4.8.2 (Dec 14, 2017)
Fixed two issues:
1- 2018 appointments duplicated in the calendar during sync
2- Incoming message alert sometimes includes empty messages

Version 4.8.1 (Dec 02, 2017)
Fixed several bugs and app crashes including:
- Show “Date & time” on appointment receipts
- Viewing invoices from a payment throws error
- Include sender name on new message in-app alerts
- Require “credit card” status for estimates with deposits
- Include service name(s) on appointment synced to calendar
- Allow scheduling of messages to newly created client group
- Allow gratuity during SMS confirmation: i.e. Reply “2 15%” for 15% tip

Version 4.8.0 (Nov 27, 2017)
- Schedule recurring invoices
- Partial payments on invoices and packages
- Allow clients to purchase packages for others
- Scan credit cards for faster checkout
- Streamlined & desktop friendly booking widget
- Support for custom booking widget links
- Disable double booking on services
- Add a recurring block on your calendar
- Map view of appointments on the calendar
- Save photos received in chat history
- Get notified in-app whenever a new message arrives
- Track new clients, paying clients, churned clients
- Itemize negative amounts on invoices
- Native support for iPhone X devices
- Get notified when tasks are assigned or completed
- Quarterly view on the income reports
- Change card on file for recurring appointments or subscriptions
- Show active, expiring & expired packages on dashboard
- Show upcoming & past appointments on dashboard
- Notify super admin whenever a client makes a payment
- Over 50 bug fixes, performance and stability improvements

Version 4.7.3 (Oct 27, 2017)
Minor bug fixes and performance improvements

Version 4.7.2 (Oct 14, 2017)
Bug fixes, performance and stability improvements

Version 4.7.1 (Oct 12, 2017)
Fixed issues with client navigation, saving subscription plans, subscription cancellation policies

Version 4.7.0 (Oct 09, 2017)
Employee inbox, session notes, service contracts & discounts, deposits on drop-ins and more.
- View employee communication with clients
- New recurring options: every 5, 6, 8, 10 weeks
- Add notes, pictures on appointments and estimates
- Staffing options: hide income, restrict clients, assign clients
- Restore clients list functionality [swipe to delete, client navigation, notes]
- Support calendar sync for clients
- Support lead time on classes
- Support shorter lead times [15m, 20m, 30m, 45m]
- Bump total limit on transactions across the board
- 7 month package expiration dates
- Allow service specific % discounts & contracts
- Support deposits on drop-in classes
- Show "Past appointments" on client dashboard
- New vertical: mobile detailing
- Bump template size to 320 characters
- Added 55 minute durations on appointments
Bug fixes:
- Crash during search on address book import
- Blocks should ignore "Allow double booking" setting

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