2018: Q1 App Release Notes

Version 4.9.8 (Mar 21, 2018)
Pay Now widget, Always On location permissions and much more
- Accept payments from your website with the "Pay Now" widget
- Grant "Always on" location permission for automated checkin/checkout, late arrival notification
- New setting to allow regularly scheduled payouts to be sent instantly
- Employees can now add an instant enabled debit card in order for payouts
- Allow "Suite" subscribers to add premium numbers for staff members
- Fix issue with clients being able to schedule appointments outside available hours

Version 4.9.7 (Mar 17, 2018)
Location based alerts, several bug fixes and more
- Send automatic alerts when running late for an appointment
- Post photos in the leaderboard chat and comments (VIPs only)
- Automatically check-in and check-out of appointments & classes
- Service hours always override business hours when calculating availability
- % Repeat clients leaderboard should include all transactions (not just appointments)
- Bump max call duration from 1h to 2h
- Always allow easy access to class roster (Clients) from class
- Show Income by lead source report for Premium Plus and Suite accounts
- Properly account for discounts on estimates with deposits during invoicing

Version 4.9.6 (Mar 14, 2018)
Fixed several issues:
- include subscriptions when sending checkout link
- app crash on invoices (when changing "send via")
- disable "Allow instant payouts" on existing debit cards

Version 4.9.5 (Mar 13, 2018)
Introducing Instant Payouts, bug fixes and much more:
- Cash out payments in 15 minutes for just 1%
- Send booking widget checkout links from the messenger
- You can now itemize future appointments on recurring invoices
- Improve total summary on transaction "Complete & charge" screens
- View overview and feature tutorials more easily from Settings : Learn more
- Streamlined setup for classes, packages, subscriptions and recurring invoices

Version 4.9.4 (Mar 06, 2018)
Bug fixes and small improvements
- Added Online bookings leaderboard reports
- Fixed several network timeout/unavailable issues
- Minor re-org of settings screens for easier navigation
- Restore ability to view "Features" above your current plan
- Added last week, last month, last year, last month to date export options

Version 4.9.3 (Mar 04, 2018)
Bug fixes, small enhancements and more.
- Restore "Jobs to complete" dashboard for limited access pros
- Support "Swipe to Refresh" on all dashboard drill-down screens
- Support saved & scheduled messages up to 800 characters long
- Fix "jumpiness" on leaderboard chat when you like/reply to a post
- Fix issue with "Prepaid package" price not appearing correctly on service list

Version 4.9.2 (Feb 28, 2018)
More fixes and improvements:
- Allow "Trophy case" viewing for all users on the leaderboard
- Scheduled classes are sometimes not appearing on the calendar
- $0 invoices should appear on the client's invoices dashboard
- Increase leaderboard post size from (from 200 to 600 characters)
- Support invoicing of remaining balance on an estimate with a deposit
- Canceling search leaves extra white space on top of the list/search results
- Don't change appointment status during service selection (unless there's a deposit)

Version 4.9.1 (Feb 27, 2018)
Fixed several issues:
- Crash during client search
- Bronze VIPs unable to participate in VIP chat
- Clients are unable to upgrade to pro accounts
- Remove cap on flat gratuity applied to invoice payments
- Super-admin employee calendar shows all appointments
- Clients able to book outside class lead time from calendar
- Tasks dashboard should always appear once feature is enabled
- Leaderboard VIP posts appearing in the wrong channel (sometimes)

Version 4.9.0 (Feb 26, 2018)
Leaderboard, Class check-in, Employee check-in & check-out and much more (bug fixes, ux improvements, resolved crashes).
- Industry leaderboard & anonymous VIP Chat
- Support appointment durations up to 12 hours
- Updated Suite Center (with answers to 50+ FAQs)
- Apply sales tax for packages purchased from the app
- Services are erroneously appearing as "Prepaid" eligible
- Search bar not functioning correctly with iPhone X devices
- Always charge $1 fee to super-admin during employee payments

Version 4.8.7 (Jan 26, 2018)
More bug fixes:
Support address book import from new client screen
Keyboard not disappearing after completing searches
Itemization should not be required in order to schedule invoices

Version 4.8.6 (Jan 25, 2018)
Fixed a couple of issues:
Clients are unable to view the calendar
Unable to setup calendar sync following app install

Version 4.8.5 (Jan 24, 2018)
Bug fixes and ux improvements:
Streamline settings for easier access
You can now create series class with only single dates
Employees can now sign contracts sent to them in-app
Make checkin and checkout times optional for reservations
Refresh background image on primary action bar
Pros are unable to submit in-app form for account verification
Keyboard disappears sometimes when typing into a large text block
You can now turn off "Scheduling", "Invoicing", "Itemization" or "Point of sale"

Version 4.8.4 (Jan 08, 2018)
Several bug fixes, enhancements:
- FY2017 data export option
- Default gratuity rate for clients
- View completed forms online
- Fix calendar scrolling issue
- Fix item search with multiple keywords
- Make booking widget work with iPhoneX
- Improved error ux for 1500 SMS text limit
- Edit employee bios
- Add notes on tasks
- Restore 100% cancellation fee option
- Referral links with username
- Prepaid price should appear always
- Edit lead time on classes
- Add schedules to existing classes
- Block clients from contacting you
- "Require CC" works with "If priced" option

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