2014: Q3 App Release Notes


We updated these release notes!

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Version 2.6.3 (Sep 26, 2014)
Bug fixes, performance improvements
— Enable push notification on iOS 8
— Improve performance for incoming messages
— Improve performance when downloading images
— Show more contact information on profile screens

Version 2.6.1 (Sep 20, 2014)
Improved UX (calendar setup, credit card setup), PCI compliance, iPhone 4 bug fixes
— Added confirmation screen during new booking requests
— Redesigned credit card entry screen for faster data entry
— Merged Work Days and Business Hours setup screens
— Resolved issues with identity verification [for businesses only]
— Enabled MMS text messaging with non-PocketSuite users
— Enabled PCI compliance
— Include phone # and email address for businesses on their profile
— Fixed a few bugs [iPhone 4 display issues, Contacts missing, random crashes]

Version 2.6.0 (Sep 13, 2014)
Added client management capabilities, streamlined booking workflow, and fixed a few bugs
— Enter and track notes for each client or contact
— Confirm existing appointments already on your calendar
— New "Settings" screen with easier navigation and account information
— New "Contacts" tab: see all your clients and contacts in one place
— Confirm appointments with new clients (not in your phonebook)
— Confirm appointments with contacts already in your phonebook
— Send yourself a "test" booking request or booking confirmation
— Clients automatically receive calendar email attachment upon confirmation
— See "booking" history for each of your clients from their profile screen
— See contact information for each of your clients on their profile screen
— Added day of appointment (i.e. Monday, Tuesday) to booking screen
— Switched to native Apple maps SDK from 3rd party maps SDK.
— Always show user's first name in chat screen title (instead of appointment date)
— Play "sent message" alert when booking is created, confirmed, completed or changed
— Shorter IDs for booking widget and message URLs
— Improved support for Emoji characters in text messages
— Added explainer ("Learn more") video to opening screen
— Configure your booking capacity (from one to 10 concurrent appointments)
— Removed several "social" features: status updates, vendor marketplace, follow/unfollow users, saved groups
— Fixed bug with user identity validation
— Fixed several other misc bugs and app crashes

Version 2.5.6 (Aug 12, 2014)
Booking workflow improvements
— services with a duration automatically search your availability. This allows you to decide on a service by service basis when to block out time from your calendar versus projects which simply have deadlines.
— added an option to service items for designating whether the service takes place at a specific location. Useful for creating "Phone Consultation" or other types of virtual services that do not require meeting at a location.

Version 2.5.5 (Aug 01, 2014)
Bug fix release
— support service items over $1,000
— appointment date not saving properly
— status update "read" indicator not updating
— sort availability correctly when sending quotes
— ensure that duration is specified prior to specifying an available time. Also move location to its own screen (just like the booking widget)
— do not display start time for projects (not relevant)

Version 2.5.4 (Jul 31, 2014)
-- v2.5.4 enhancements: Reminders, Support for graveyard shifts, and more...
— Support for late night shifts. locksmiths, taxi services, and DJs rejoice!
— Reminders sent to business for past appointments not yet completed
— Reminders sent for recently updated appointments not yet been confirmed
— Reminders sent to clients for upcoming appointments (24h before cancel)
— Add up to 6 questions to ask your clients when they request appointments
— Support for a new field type (multi-selects) to create multiple choice questions
— Support for required/mandatory questions (collect critical information upfront)
— Booking search (for clients) now automatically includes pros in related industries
— New vertical: Dog Walking... no more masquerading under 'Other' or 'Dog Training'
— Allow for changing the target date for checking availability while booking an appointment
— Show the # of remaining characters for large text fields so you know when to stop typing :)
Other misc enhancements, bug fixes:
— Online booking widget now supported for IE users
— Times are now displayed in the user's timezone on the booking widget

Version 2.5.3 (Jul 24, 2014)
-- bug fixes, enhancements
— enable opening app from link or push notification
— default memo from service memo when booking client

Version 2.5.2 (Jul 22, 2014)
-- v2.5.2 enhancements, bug fixes
— Book your clients directly from PocketSuite. Tap "Book" to select clients from your phonebook, and then send them a quote for a job agreed upon earlier in order to secure payment and setup reminders.
— Faster booking for clients: Tap "Book" and instantly see all available vendors in your area (by vertical). Pick a business, then choose the service you want, then select an available time, before requesting the appointment. No more having to type in time & location in order to see who's available.
— Secure payment on Facebook: the payment widget can now be added to your facebook page simply by installing the "Static IFrame tab" facebook app and setting the URL to your payment widget URL.
— Delete status updates: you can now delete old or non-relevant status updates.
— We now check availability each time you confirm a booking request from a client in order to ensure that the time is still available.
— Contact information is now included in all appointments synced to your calendar.
— The business's city information is now included on their profile so you will always know what city and state the business is located in.
— New users can now specify a referral code when registering which entitles them to special discounts sponsored by our partners.
— Faster navigation: Tap the user avatar on the "Chats" screen to open the user's profile.
— Added service duration to services list during appointment booking.
— Added "Book at my Location" option which defaults all bookings to your location. Great if you require all your clients to meet you at a fixed location (i.e. your office, your gym, your studio)
— Get notified via push notification whenever someone comments on a status update that you've either favorited or commented on
In addition, there were several key bug fixes in this release including:
— fixed app crashes on the "Chats" screen
— fixed app crashes during deletes of services & questions
— identity verification issue when both EIN and SSN are entered
— fixed display glitches on the feed whenever photo messages are sent
— prevent "double submits" during registration
— fix issue with booking buttons (Confirm, Cancel, Complete) not showing up

Version 2.5.1 (Jul 04, 2014)
-- v2.5.1 enhancements, bug fixes
— support for photos during in-app messaging: "a picture is worth a thousand words"; you can now send photos to your clients, friends, contacts, or businesses directly from the app; send your clients before and after shots! send the business a picture to describe the job when words aren't enough. (i.e. take a pic of the faucet that needs to be replaced).
— enable wide search (+/- 90 days) during vendor booking
— bug fix: cannot set birthdate to the past
— crash fix: during delete of alerts, services, questions
— copy fix: make registration copy a bit more succinct
— feature: enable contact “unfollow” on contacts screen
— bug fix: fix glitches during receipt of new messages
— feature: prompt for app store reviews after 7 days
— feature: show status update when status push notification is tapped to re-open the app
— bug fix: display glitches on image gallery screen (page indicator, close button)
— bug fix: major glitch with the way booking questions (of type Number) are displayed
— bug fix: minor glitch on status update screen (favorite button target too small)

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