2015: Q3 App Release Notes


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Version 3.3.6 (Sep 19, 2015)
This release contains mostly bug fixes that could not wait for our upcoming major feature release: iOS 9 compatibility, several bugs on the invoice and settings screens, an issue with transaction search not filtering dates properly and two very annoying and rather embarrassing app crashes. Not our finest moment. Apologies and many thanks for your feedback and support.

Version 3.3.5 (Aug 18, 2015)
Set travel time buffers for appointments, schedule and pay all your subcontractors, add a client service policy, search your calendar & transactions by name, Touch ID security, add custom client fields and enter custom appointment schedules
— You can now see which clients were on the appointment when you're itemizing the appointments to pay when paying your subcontractors
— Add a default appointment buffer used to designate travel or prep time between appointments. Note that this is only used if your account is setup to prevent double bookings.
— You now search all your appointments by either the client's name or the assigned subcontractor's name as of the currently selected date on the calendar.
— You can now store custom fields on the client record which is useful for ensuring that the client's unique information is included on subsequent appointments saving you time and reducing errors.
— You can now enter a custom service policy that is presented to users before the request or confirm any appointment with you.
— Instance dates for custom appointment schedules can now be added/removed individually across multiple date/time availability searches
— For iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ users, you can now enable Touch ID on your account. This will require Touch ID (fingerprint) authentication to your account each time the app is re-opened and further secure your PocketSuite account.
— There is a new Data Sync screen under "Help & admin" settings which helps you keep track of your data sync settings (calendar, contacts).
This release also contains several bug fixes [address book & calendar sync, etc] and minor enhancements.

Version 3.3.4 (Jul 16, 2015)
Schedule, message and pay your subcontractors (continued feature rollout)
Several bug fixes including:
- include job status on the appointment screen.
- automatic expansion of recurring appointments once they are created or changed
- fix problem with numbers not matching up during drill-down from "Paid" income report
- sort income "Paid" reports by payment (or marked paid) date from oldest to most recent
- sort income "Not paid" reports by appointment or invoice date from oldest to most recent
Several UX enhancements including:
- new app icon
- updated color theme

Version 3.3.3 (Jul 01, 2015)
You can now schedule and pay people that work for you. From the clients tab, add as many "Pros" as you need, specify their payment rates, working hours, and whether they work for you. There are two new reports "Pros paid" and "Pros owed" which show you how much you've paid and how much you owe.
Your availability will now automatically include the availability for any pro that works for you ensuring that your availability is always up to date even as your business grows. You can schedule your pros directly and confirm with credit card or have them invoice you. You can also assign client jobs directly to your pros based on availability and payment rate. Finally you can send payments to your pros whenever you want: after each job, every week or at the end of the month. We keep track of all your unpaid jobs so you'll always know how much you owe. If you're an existing customer, contact us to enable this feature in your account.
We also added the #1 requested enhancement from the past 3 months: the ability to exclude specific calendars from your availability in PocketSuite. Check out the new "Do not sync calendar" option in your calendar settings to get started.
Finally - we fixed a number of bugs and app crashes making the app more reliable than ever.
Email us at support@pocketsuite.io or text us from the app with any questions or feedback.

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