2016: Q1 App Release Notes


We updated these release notes!

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Version 3.5.5 (Feb 23, 2016)
Service surcharges, several bug fixes
Enable service surcharges for all payments in your account or just for individual invoices.
Fixed several bugs including:
- sending contracts sometimes results in double alert to send contract
- data export "Send" button gets disabled when you select a date filter
- keyboard obscures cursor on very large text entry fields
- appointment price not initialized properly when you directly schedule a reservation
- allow price changes when booking new packages
- allow for more granular address entry (clients, leads, pros, location settings)
- saving invoice sometimes doesn't navigate you to the next screen
- don't sync canceled appointments, show pending subscriptions on dashboard
- marked paid appointments with deposits are not appearing on the new income dashboard

Version 3.5.4 (Feb 18, 2016)
Lots of bug fixes and smaller enhancements not completed in time for v3.5.3:
Fixed several app crashes, fixed bug with active packages dashboard, fixed bug adding an online form with an image, fixed bug with service policy not appearing during setup, fixed bug with signing contracts from the app, allow multiple fields with the same name provided they are defined on different online forms, include preview of selected custom fields on key screens (appointment entry, invoice entry, client entry, payee entry), add support for weekly date filters in all reports, added support for automatically sending a contract whenever an online form is submitted, added support for optionally sending an invoice whenever a contract is signed, added video tutorial for online forms and added support for larger class sizes (up to 60 students) for Premium+ accounts.

Version 3.5.3 (Feb 14, 2016)
Several new features to help streamline your business!
- All-new dashboard for convenient access to your most important information: income this month, new leads, new clients, active packages, upcoming appointments & classes, ongoing subscriptions, recent cancellations, recent online bookings, appointments to confirm, appointments to complete, recent conversations, and recently added notes.
- support for multiple-day appointment reservations
- track leads and ROI on your marketing spend by lead source
- enter contracts and get them signed electronically (over SMS)
- send online surveys and questionnaires and track your responses
- set up drop-in classes (i.e. your clients can book classes individually)
- your clients can now book multiple classes at once
- your clients can now book multiple sessions (or appointments) with you at the same time
- your employees now get their own streamline registration and dashboard giving them access to upcoming jobs, recent payments and recent messages.
- restrict services to a specific location during appointment scheduling
- you can now edit the dates and capacity for each class
- set up a default memo which goes on all your invoices
- send appointments and invoices to your clients by both text message & email
- easily track active packages, active subscriptions and upcoming classes from your services list
- when sending payments to your workers, you can now include 1.9%, 2.5% or 3% gratuity to cover the processing fee
- added data export for Fiscal year 2015 to help with your accounting and tax preparation
- added support for very long descriptions ("Long text") in custom fields
- added "Total" or "All" date filter to all income, expense and lead reports
Several important bugs:
- fix bug with calendar sync (multiple appointments appearing in calendar)
- fixed bug with date on calendar title not showing the proper month based on the selected date
- increase font size and darken colors for fonts throughout the app to make them a bit more readable

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