2016: Q3 App Release Notes


We updated these release notes!

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Version 3.6.13 (Sep 28, 2016)
Fixed an urgent problem with appointments not appearing in the calendar.

Version 3.6.11 (Sep 21, 2016)
Several important bug fixes: setting up drop-in classes, signing transactions, calendar sync and login app crash for iOS 8.x users.

Version 3.6.10 (Sep 18, 2016)
Redesigned dashboard, iOS 10 support, instant retry on payment failures and much more...
Redesigned dashboard to speed up navigation
Tailor PocketSuite for your business with just the features you need
Automatic retries following credit card payment failures
Introducing a more convenient way of requesting refunds
Categorization and filtering of booking widget services using hash tags
Custom fields [by default] now show up on the client record
Show status on Packages dashboard
Add support for customizing the 'Sync to' calendar
Add support for specifying the 'Sync from' calendars
Remove Jobs to Complete dashboard
Rename Pipeline dashboard to Future Income
Rename Online forms to Questionnaires
Packages can now be applied to appointments with no service
Show status on Subscriptions dashboard
Include unconfirmed subscriptions on Subscriptions dashboard
Added four week cancellation option
Added timezone option for "Alaska/Anchorage"
Renamed Roll Back to Undo {actionName}
Allow addition of employees/pros from "Staffing dashboard"
Allow invoicing of all appointments in a custom recurring series
Show appointment status [in lieu of location] on calendar
Reduce the # of industries shown during registration
Allow direct editing of business number [shown on invoices]
Change dot dot dot button on transactions to "Edit"
Allow easier access to "Class" roster
Allow easier access to "Package" sessions
Show next payout date on the "Pending payouts" dashboard
Show "Next" button on booking widget with multiple service enabled
Business owner signature on contracts can now be made optional
Bug fixes:
Fix a number of iOS 10 compatibility issues
Always default to today's date on the calendar
Remove the ability to itemize packages on invoices
Show "Complete" button for employees instead of "Charge" button
Fix totalling issue on appointments with multiple services including a deposit

Version 3.6.9 (Aug 18, 2016)
Minor change to dashboard: make primary actions [charge card, send package, schedule client, prepare estimate, send invoice, sell subscription] a tad bit more prominent and ditch $ button.

Version 3.6.8 (Aug 12, 2016)
Fixed several bugs:
- show all active packages in the dashboard
- allow payouts if a CC is on file
- require address entry during verification submission
- disallow subscriptions on packages
- allow invoicing of already discounted appointments
- streamline new service screen [consolidate location setup fields]
- allow navigation to recently paid transaction from the payment screen

Version 3.6.7 (Aug 08, 2016)
A few minor enhancements and bug fixes to make running your business as easy as sending a text message :)
Allow editing of the expiration date on packages
Allow 10 minute user-defined travel time estimates
Allow editing of client's contact info for non-registered clients
Don't show charge button if charging is disabled on appointments
Add a default memo to all POS charges
Faster editing of prices, contracts and online forms
Allow gratuity when charging an appointment or estimate
Send push notification whenever a call is forwarded [Premium]
Allow editing of contracts on all transactions until they are signed
Bug fixes:
Rectroactively apply packages to existing class appointments
Always show "Charge client" and "Send invoice" on dashboard
Disallow "Don't Notify" when sending online forms or contracts
Events which end at midnight are appearing on next day in calendar
Remove all date filtering from client's dashboard [except income & pipeline]
iCal attachment not showing in email confirmations when status is 'already confirmed'
Show "Charge" button vs "Cancel" by default on open invoices/subscriptions/packages
Add support for custom tax rates [contact support to enable this feature in your account]
When deposit paid by cc, and mark paid the balance the final receipt includes deposit and it shouldn't

Version 3.6.6 (Jul 23, 2016)
Fix a few issues with completing & charging appointments, setting up recurring appointments with deposits and defaulting surcharges on appointments.

Version 3.6.5 (Jul 19, 2016)
Introducing recurring packages! Put your business on cruise control with automated payment plans that govern how many appointments your clients can schedule during the period.
First set up a subscription plan and then specify how many appointments or classes each month [or subscription period] can be scheduled with this payment plan. Get your client to confirm or using the built-in POS confirm it using their credit card and voila: your business is on cruise control. Make money while you sleep, automate scheduling and never send an invoice EVER again.
new features & enhancements
- recurring packages
- inline editing of transactions from dashboard & calendar & class roster
- apply packages retroactively
- auto-confirm class reservations
- single billing event for multiple class bookings
- single billing event for multiple appointment bookings
- allow payment method cancellations from the payment methods screen
- allow retroactive scheduling of clients in classes
- allow override of “allow surcharge” on appointments
- allow adding of new clients during credit card charges
- replace "Transact" button on all transactions with "Cancel", "Charge", and "Confirm" buttons
Bug Fixes
- ditch gratuity rates less than 10%
- hide packages from dashboard with zero remaining sessions
- fix bug with scheduling clients directly from an existing package
- class reservations appearing multiple times in iCal during sync
- restrict employee scheduling to Premium+ subscribers
- no 12:30 option during business hour selection
- auto-hide new "explore" dashboard after onboarding period
- fix issue when submitting a payment charge with a flat rate gratuity
- fix issue when charging an appointment with a % of total gratuity and 100% upfront deposit

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