Where to go, to be in the know

Looking for help? We have plenty of resources to get you what you need.

Unlocking a new feature: From the home screen, tap unlock new features and turn any of them on. You'll have the option to watch a short video. Plus, when you use any feature the first time, you'll see setup screens that describe all of the cool things that you can do with each feature.

General information and setup of a feature: Check out the Suite Center (Pro tip: you're already here!). Here you can find information about all of the features PocketSuite has to offer. You can learn how to set them up and use them.

New and need help getting going: Open the app and tap on your Inbox and tap on PocketSuite. You can text us and request a welcome call to get help with your initial setup. You will have fun learning more about how PocketSuite can help you get going and keep growing.

Trouble shooting: Already visited the Suite Center, but still need help with a feature, you can always text us in app. Tap on your Inbox at the bottom of the app and tap on PocketSuite. You'll ALWAYS have a real human to help you with any problems or questions.


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