When does a client sign a contract?

A client can be prompted to sign a contract in a few ways:

1) if the contract was attached to the service or online booking checkout 

2) if you manually send out the contract to the client to sign

Online Booking:

A client is prompted to sign the contract during the online booking process if 1) the contract is attached to a service or 2) if the contract was attached as part of the checkout process. Depending on the setting for the contract, a contract can also be prompted for all clients or just new clients. Upon completing the payment information screen, the following screen will be the contract screen. The client will be able to see the full contract and provide their signature at the top. 

To attach a contract to a service, form, package etc. head to that item in settings and select the desired contract. For example, for a service you'll head to settings > services > tap on the service > attach a contract > select the contract > save. 

Messaging and Homescreen:

You can also send contracts to clients manually in two ways.

1) You can send it via messaging by tapping on the + on the bottom right > more > contract > select the contract you want to send to the client. 

2) You can send it from the Contracts dashboard on the home screen. Tap the + on the top right to send to a client. 

Once the client views the contract, they will be prompted to sign. If the client does not sign, they will be prompted daily to sign and a notification will be sent once the client has signed. Clients have the option to sign on mobile or on desktop. 

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