When does a client sign a contract?

A client can have a contract automatically show up when using online booking. They will be prompted to sign after entering in their payment information. This happens when they book a service or purchase a package or subscription that has one attached. 

To attach a contract to a service, form, package etc. head to that item in settings and require a signature. For example, for a service you'll head to settings>services>tap on the service>require signature>tap on the contract to attach>save. Now, when they book that service, they will be prompted to sign.

You can also send contracts to clients manually in two ways. 1) You can send it via messaging by tapping on the + on the bottom right, then the icon with paper and a pen. 2) You can send it from the Contracts dashboard on the home screen. Tap the + on the top right to send to a client. 

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