The Leaderboard lets you track how you're doing compared to others in your industry. You can see who's earning the most, message other Pros, or see their responses to how they made their business successful.

To start, you'll need to add a username. When you first tap on Leaderboard, it will ask you to create a username unless you already added one under settings>profile. 



Then, you're taken to the main screen of the Leaderboard. Here you can edit your profile, see more information about pros in your industry, or check out how you compare with your verified income (does not include items tagged "Mark paid").



When viewing the list of Pros in that category, you can tap on their name and then see their profile and follow them or see their posts.



From the profile screen, you can see information about the pro and how they grew their business. 



Be sure to fill out your profile today from the home screen under Leaderboard and get hints and tips to grow your business and achieve your income goals!

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