How to use the Client App

In the client app, you can pay your Pro, check how many sessions are left in your package, book your Pro, and check your class or appointment schedule.

Quick Setup:

First, you'll need to add your Pro to your contact list. Then you can book your Pro, pay them, check your packages, and check your schedule. 


Detailed setup:

First, you'll need to add the Pro to your contact list. Tap on the Pros dashboard from your home screen.


Then, tap the + button on the top right.


Then, add their name, number, and industry. You can also include their email address and company name.


Now that the Pro has been added, you can book your Pro using the Book button on the home screen. 


Once you tap book, select the Pro you want to book and you'll see a list of their items. Here you can schedule an appointment, purchase a package, or start a subscription.


If booking an appointment, you can select a date and time then finish the booking processes. If purchasing a package, you can select it as a gift. If you do purchase a package, you can track the number of sessions remaining from the Packages dashboard on the home screen.



Once you're in the Packages dashboard, you can see a list of your packages. You can filter by time or type (such as not paid, canceled, expired etc.) to see all packages.


You can tap on any package to see more details or send it as a gift. 



Check out the video below:


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