How to use the Client App

In the client app, you can message, book, and pay your Pro as well as manage your account information - check out how many sessions are left in your package, when your subscription renews, what forms or contracts you completed, and your appointment schedule.


If you previously booked or communicated with Pocketsuite Pro/s, your Pros will automatically populate under the "My Pros" list. You can easily book your Pro by tapping on Book or if you have any outstanding payments, tap Pay to pay your Pro. 


Once you tap book, you'll be directed to the Pro's online booking page. Here you select from the Pro's offerings - schedule an appointment, purchase a package, or start a subscription, etc. Once you have booked an appointment, your appointment will auto appear under the calendar section.  


Tap on "My Account" to view details about your purchases, payments due, forms completes, contracts signed, any open estimates, and so much more. 


Once you have booked an appointment, your appointment will appear in the calendar section.

If you purchased a package, you see an active package notice in your package dashboard. 


Once you're in the Packages dashboard, you can see a list of your packages. You can filter by time or type (such as not paid, canceled, expired etc.) to see all packages.


Tap on the active package to track the number of sessions remaining from the packages dashboard, schedule a session from the package, or gift the package to a friend or family member. 


Add a Pro:

If you want to get your favorite hair stylist, dog trainer, contractor, any service provider to use Pocketsuite, simply add them by tapping on My Account > Add another Pro > complete Add Pro's contact details. Once your Pro is added, you can easily book, pay, and message them.  

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Pay your Pro:

Paying your Pro on PocketSuite couldn't be easier. Once an appointment, gift certificate, package, or invoice is sent to your client, your client can tap on the "pay" button to pay any outstanding balances for those items. When you tap on pay, there are 2 tabs - send money (to make a one time standalone payment that will not attach to any item) or pay balance. Any items sent by the Pro that has not been paid for will appear under "pay balance". 


Tap on Pay to see all outstanding balances. Option to pay for any outstanding items can be made by the pay Tab > pay Balance > select item > tap pay. 


You may also pay from the notification in the message thread. Pro sends a package to a client > package notification appears > tap the package to view package details and pay. 




Video Walkthrough:


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