Video Conferencing

Video conferencing allows you and your client to chat over the internet using PocketSuite for you, and a web browser for your client. You can also copy  the link and use the computer as well if you don't want to hold your phone. Video conferencing is HIPAA compliant as all calls are encrypted. Clients can also use phone or email to login to video conferencing. 


To setup an appointment with video conferencing, just toggle on add video conferencing when adding the appointment. If you have a service that is always virtual, you can add it to the service for automatic scheduling using video conferencing

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To add a new service that always uses video conferencing with your clients, head to settings>services>+>and create a new service by adding a name and other details you may want or need. Be sure to toggle on add video conferencing. This will ensure every time the service is booked, a video conference link will automatically be created. 


You can also create appointments with video conferencing without adding a service. When you tap schedule for appointment booking, you'll see a field called add video conferencing. Toggle that on and a link will automatically be created for the appointment. 


When you tap Next and you want to send or save the appointment, you'll see the video conferencing details on this screen. Here, you can copy the video link or join the video conference right from there if it is an appointment starting right away. Otherwise, you can send or save the appointment and come back to join the video conference at the time of the appointment. 


When the appointment time arrives, your home screen will include the option to join the video chat right from there.


You can also join right from the calendar.


When you join the conference from the app, you will see the name of the client, your face if your video is on or your profile photo, the option to join, the ability to turn on/off your mic and video, options for which camera, to call the client, or to send the link to join, and the option to hang up. 



When you join the call, if the client isn't there, it will say Waiting for Others while it waits for the client to join. You'll also notice at the top, all calls are encrypted.


For clients, they will get a link via text or email for joining the call. They can join from Chrome, Safari, Firefox, or Edge web browsers. Their browsers need to be updated within the last two versions released. When they click the link, they can join the call using the email address or phone number on file and will get a pin code texted or emailed depending on how they login. This is the screen they will see to login.


Once they login, they will see the same screen the pro sees. This is the view from the desktop. 



Check out the video walk through here:

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