Max Lead Time


We updated this feature!

This tutorial contains a feature that has been upgraded or removed. To learn how to use the new and improved Scheduling feature to grow your business, go here:

Max Lead Time allows you to block your schedule in advance! Prevent clients from booking you too far out from the date they book. So, if you set it to 1 month, clients won't be able to book you more than one month out from the current date.

Quick Setup:

Head to settings>scheduling. There, you can set the max lead time you need. 



Detailed Setup:

For Max Lead Time, you can prevent clients from booking too far out. Head to settings>scheduling>max lead time. 



Select the number of days you're okay with booking booked in advance. 



Then, you can head to settings>online booking>preview and see it in action!


Check out the video here:

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