Facebook Client Intake

1) Go to your Facebook Business page, tap the new Create Call to Action button on your banner photo.



2) Choose Sign Up as the button option, and simply paste in your widget URL link (see below on how to access your widget URL).



NOTE: Your client intake widget URL (along with your User ID) is included in the directions email that you can send to yourself by going to PocketSuite under Settings -> Online widgets > Client intake. Your widget URL will look like this: https://book.pocketsuite.io/lead/[USER ID]

3) Tap “SAVE” and you’re all set! Now when any Facebook visitor taps SIGN UP on your page (via desktop or mobile), they can submit their contact information as well as any client custom fields you add day or night. The new “leads” will show up right under Clients > Leads in PocketSuite so you can follow-up and convert them to a paying client. 

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