How do I customize my contract for each client?

When you need to customize your contract for each client, you can do that using custom dynamic fields and a form. When creating the contract, you'll create a custom dynamic field that is the same as the question in the form. Then, when that question is filled out, the contract uses the answer as the text in that place.

(If the imports team did the contract for you, skip to step 3!)

Step 1: Create your contract

Anywhere you need to have a custom field, use this: {custom_question_for_me_or_the_client_to_answer}

Remember, it needs to be all lowercase! For example, you have a contract where you customize the payment conditions for each client but you're not using a feature like subscriptions. 

So, your contract has a space in it called Payment Agreement or, that's the whole contract- either way, you can customize it per client. 

Step 2: Create the Form

Under settings>forms, create a new form. The label will be the exact match to your custom field. 

For example, if your custom field is {custom_payment_agreement} then your label (or question for the form) will be Payment agreement (it's okay to have a capital letter in the question). Now, this question will match with that custom field in the contract. 

When you're all set, make sure you Require a Signature for the form by selecting the contract that has your custom field(s). 

Also make sure you toggle on that it's for the client to fill out, even if you're going to answer the questions. 

Step 3: How to use it

From the home screen, tap Forms>+ and select the form then the client. You can either fill it out or send it to the client to fill out. Either way, whatever is listed in that field will show up in the contract where you put the custom field. 


If you're not sure how to set this up, feel free to reach out to the imports team with questions or help with importing by emailing them at

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