How do I give my client homework for workouts, home care, or other trainings?

For Fitness Trainers, Dog Trainers, and many others, there is a need to have clients do work at home. One such way to do that would be to use a form to send clients a link to videos or give them different options of things to work on in a list. To do that, you'll need to create a form and each question will be the homework option.

So, for example, the questions may be Work out 1, Work out 2, Work out 3...etc. and then you'll select the options from a multiple-choice list. Then, you'll send the form from the forms dashboard and use the Fill out form option after you select a client. You'll fill out the form and send it to the client. They get a readable version and can use links or just the text you send to do "homework"

To see the full setup of a form, check out this article: FORMS

Check out the video below that explains how to set this up:


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