How can I run sales through PocketSuite?

To easily run sales through PocketSuite, head to settings>export and change the export type to Services. 

In that CSV file, update the names of the services to be slightly different or, more appropriately, include the word SALE in the title. Example: Signature Facial vs SALE Signature Facial 

Then, email that file to

Alternatively, you can always add these services manually as well under settings>services. It's not required to email them to the imports team. 

After the imports team has imported the services, head to settings>services. Tap on the service and add the discount you'd like clients to receive under the total field. 

Head to settings>categories and set up a new category called SALE (or whatever you'd like to call it) and you'll include all the new services just imported. 

Now, you'll have easy and complete control over running sales in PocketSuite. 

To remove an item available, head to settings>services>tap on the service>toggle off show online. 

You can also toggle off the category altogether under settings>categories>toggle off show online. 

Now that it's in a category, you can also share a link to just the sale category on your website or social media as well! 

Pro tip: Use SuiteLink instead of Online Booking to track where clients are coming from!

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