Clients Can't Book Beyond (formerly max lead time)

The “clients can’t book beyond” feature allows you to restrict how far in advance clients can book you, preventing clients from booking too far in the future. For example, if you don’t want clients to book you beyond 2 months, clients will only see your availability for up to 2 months from the current date, anything beyond 2 months will not be available. 

Quick Setup:

Head to settings > scheduling > clients can’t book beyond. Select the time frame to limit how far clients can book you (up to 6 months). If you don’t want to set a limit for clients, meaning clients can book you anytime, you can select “no limit”. Remember to tap on Save. 





To preview this live, head back to settings > online booking > preview > tap on an offering and see your calendar in action!


*Pro Tip: Pros that set up this feature may also set up “Lead Time”, which is found under the service or class section. Lead time is how much time you need before a client can book you for an appointment (no lead time = walk in’s). Check out the article for Lead Time.


Video Setup:


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