Lead Time

Lead Time is a feature that can be found under any class or service and provides you the option to designate how much time you need before a client can book you for an appointment. 

Quick Setup: 

Head to settings > tap class or service > tap lead time > select lead time.


If you accept walk-in clients or allow clients to book you for your next available appointment, you will want to select “no lead time”.


If you do select a specific lead time, for example 24 hours, any clients viewing your calendar would only be able to book you for your next appointment starting 24 hours from the current viewing time. Client A is viewing your calendar today at 1PM. Your next available appointment that the client can book is for 1PM tomorrow.

*Pro Tip: Pro may use lead time and clients can't book beyond in tandem. Lead time is how soon a pro allows a client to book vs client's can't book beyond is how far in advance can the client book.  Check out the article for clients can't book beyond. 

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