Apply Appointments to Packages / Subscription

How does the system know if the appointment being scheduled is covered under a package/ subscription?

Whether you schedule the client in an appointment, or the client schedules themselves into an appointment, any unpaid appointments will automatically apply when there is an active package/subscription on file, as long as the offering is part of the package/subscription. 

Here's what we mean:

A client makes an appointment with you and is typically charged for that appointment at completion. The client loved the service and wants to purchase a package instead. You can create this one time package under settings > packages and sell the package to client from the homescreen > packages. Once the package is active, the service that was just completed will automatically apply to the package (shown as prepaid package) as long as the package covers that service. 

If the client would like to purchase a subscription (recurring payment) that includes a set number of sessions/hours (of one service, multiple services, or all services), you can create this under settings > subscriptions. To sell the subscription to the client, tap on the homescreen > subscription. Any active subscriptions with session usage can be found under the package section of the homescreen. 

Quick Setup:

1) Make sure you have classes or services created

2) Create a Package > apply to all services/classes or some or set specific quantities


Pro Tip*: You can even set quantities for multiple services if you want to limit how many are included in the package. For example, a dance package of 7 classes includes 5 breakdancing classes and 2 salsa dancing classes. 

To see if your client has an active package/ subscription, simply tap on the client icon > search the client’s name > tap > tap history > package > tap > confirm the number of sessions available within the time frame. 

To schedule a client, from this screen > tap on schedule


Select the service that says “prepaid”. 



Once a session has been booked, the session count will adjust. Tap into sessions to see the upcoming booking/s.




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