Smart Campaign - Prep before Appointment

The Prep before Appointment Smart Campaign is an automated way for your client who has just booked you for an appointment to receive important information before meeting with you. This could be a thank you message to include do’s and don’ts, directions to your location, additional forms to complete, etc.  

Quick Setup:

To start, let’s turn on Smart Campaigns. Tap on the settings icon > features > smart campaign (toggle on).

From the homescreen > tap smart campaign > tap the (+) sign > tap on Prep before appointment

On that screen, you can:

  • Create a label - Before all appointments (this is the title of the smart campaign and is only visible to you)
  • We have already pre-populated the message and encourage making adjustments as it fits your business.
  • If you have discounts toggled on, it will also appear here so you can include a promotional discount for future appointments
  • Select the items you would like this smart campaign to include - blank will include all items
  • Select how soon prior to the appointment you would like this smart campaign to go out - you can send it immediately as soon as the appointment is booked or select the days before the appointment starts

Once the client receives your smart campaign, they’ll have the information they need before meeting with you and you can rest assured that your clients are coming in prepared for the appointment. 

Pro Tip* - If you have your “prep before appointment” information as a link in your google drive, you can attach that link to the message.

Video Setup:

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