To set up packages, you'll first need to make sure your services are set up and the feature is turned on. Go to settings > features to check. Don't forget to save!

Go to settings > packages > tap +. 

Quick Setup:


Detailed Setup:

For the 1st section, enter a name for the package, the price of the package (the price of the package overrides the prices of the services), and a lively and enticing description.

For the 2nd section, select the number of sessions or hours included in the package, and choose which services it applies to. When selecting the service/ class that part of the package, you can also define the quantities to limit how often a service/class can be booked with the package. 

For the 3rd section, select when the package will expire and if you want to show this package online for clients to purchase.

In the last section, you can attach a contract (e.g. liability waiver), form, and a thumbnail photo for the package.



Homescreen > Packages Dashboard

On the packages dashboard on the homescreen, you can sell and view packages. You can tap on the + sign to sell a new package to a client or tap on the filter to see the different package statuses - active, sent, viewed, expiring, expired, etc. 


Video Setup:

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