Subscriptions are a great way to get your clients on a recurring payment plan. You can turn subscriptions on by going to settings > features > subscriptions > save.

There are two ways you can utilize the subscription feature:

Option 1: You can create a subscription to automatically charge clients based on the frequency you select.

Option 2: You can create a subscription to link and track usage of different services and classes.

Creating a subscription and limiting usage allows you to select the number of sessions or hours, and services/classes (select from one service, some services, or all services) that are included in the subscription. Sessions will be renewed at each subscription charge (depending on the frequency).

For example, a monthly subscription could include 4 sessions and at each monthly charge, another 4 sessions are added. If at the end of the subscription the 4 sessions are not all used, the remaining sessions will be forfeited. 

Our system will automatically track session usage with a package. This can be found under “Packages” on the homescreen. Tap the active package and you’ll be able to view the number of sessions / hours remaining.

Quick Setup:

From settings, head to subscriptions where you can add a subscription. Make sure you have the services and classes created.

In the 1st section, add a subscription name, price of the subscription (if you have discounts, sales tax toggled on, there will be additional price fields), set up fee cost (if applicable), and a description. 

In the 2nd section, select the number of sessions or hours that can be booked with this subscription and what services/ classes are included. You can also define quantities per service/ class if there is a cap on the number of times a service or class can be booked. 




In the 3rd section, you can choose if you want clients to purchase a subscription online, the frequency of how often the subscription will be charged and the number of payments (how many times you would like the client to be billed - continuous means that there is no end date vs. setting a number will cap the number of charge cycles).

In the 4th and last section, you can attach a contract, form, and thumbnail photo to the subscription.


Detailed Example:

To create a subscription > tap + to add a new subscription. Add a descriptive name so your clients can easily choose it when booking online. 

Under payment amount, you may set up an enrollment (startup) fee and you can offer a discount for a set number of payments.

The monthly frequency is the most popular payment option. Pro Tip: 4 weeks will be every 28 days, but every month will be on the same calendar date each month.

We hope you can select continuous number of payments, but if it’s something with an end date (Summer Boot Camp, for example), you can select the number of charges.




Homescreen > Subscription Dashboard

The subscription dashboard from the homescreen is to sell and view subscriptions. You can tap on the + sign to sell a new subscription to a client or tap on the filter to see all current, lapsed, cancelled or sent subscriptions. 


Pro Tip: Subscriptions run on the date they’re due at 10:30 am Pacific time.

Lastly, give it a great description and a photo to entice your clients to purchase it online - make it as easy as possible for clients to opt in!

Pro Tip: If this is a special offer just for a certain client or group, you can toggle off “show online” to prevent others from purchasing it once the offer is over. 

Video Setup:

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