Forms on Desktop

Creating and previewing forms on Pocketsuite has never been easier with desktop! Once you have forms turned on from mobile, you now have the option to create your form easily on desktop. 

Quick Setup - On Desktop:

On an internet browser (preferably Google Chrome) on your desktop, type in the url: > login with your Pocketsuite information > settings > marketing suite > form. Same as on mobile, you may see pre-created forms to use/ edit or create a new form.  


Add a new form:


At least one question must be added in order to save the form. Tapping on add question will take you to a question builder screen. Selecting single or multiple choice question type will require choices to be added.



Once your form is saved, you can alway tap on the form > view and edit questions to see the list of questions created and the order of your questions.


To preview your form, tap on the three dots by the form > share booking link > where the form will be automatically copied > paste into your internet browser. 


Pro Tip: Attach your contract to your form so the contract can use those dynamic fields to pull in information from the form.

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