Calendar Sync Troubleshoot

If you're running into issues with your calendar sync, such as appointments not appearing on either your PocketSuite calendar or person calendar, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

Connected with Google Calendar:

Tap on settings > calendar sync > tap on your connected Google calendar > tap disconnect. This will disconnect the Google calendar completely. From here, tap on sync Google Calendar to resync. It will prompt for access to your Google account to reauthenticate. Once connected, check your PocketSuite calendar to make sure your Google calendar appointments are properly connected.

Connected with other calendars:

Try logging out of the app and logging back into Pocketsuite. Check the calendar icon if the appointments are showing. If not, tap on settings > calendar sync > toggle on refresh calendar to reset appointments.

If you're running into any specific calendar issues and need additional help, please message us in app. 

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