Card Reader - Firmware Update (Dec 2021)

In PocketSuite, you'll get a notification that an update is available, show whether the update is required, and provide a button to continue with the update.

In PocketSuite, if your card reader has a "required" update, you'll get a notification that an update is available, and a button to continue with the update process. To see whether your device is up-to-date, visit the card reader details page (Settings > Card Reader > Details).

The download process will take around 8-10min and we recommend performing this process during off-hours. 

Please ensure that your card reader has been charged prior to download.

Before getting started:

  • The reader will not download if the reader has a battery less than 50%.
  • Make sure your card reader is not connected to your phone's bluetooth. Tap on your phone's settings > bluetooth > forget or disconnect card reader
  • Turn off card reader

Download Update

The fastest way to update your reader is by tapping the “Update Required” banner on the Pocket Suite home dashboard screen. This will prompt you to select update now > your card reader will then go through the download process.

  • When you are on the connecting screen, please turn on the card reader. 


Alternatively, you will be able to update the card reader via the Charge flow. Similar to the process above, turn on the card reader only when the connecting screen displays. 

  • Client not selected: Charge > select Amount and/or Items > Charge Button > Download Process 
  • Client selected: Change > Select Client > Select Amount and/or Items > Charge Button > Select Payment Type > Charge Button > Download Process


Once downloaded, you should see all notifications no longer display. 

    • If the notifications persist, please complete a transaction which should clear out any additional notifications.

Once the update is complete, you’ll be all set and ready to accept payments from clients!!

  • Tap Charge > Enter Amount > Add Client > Tap Charge > Auto-magically pair & connect with Card Reader > Tap/Insert/Swipe approved payment type > SUCCESS!


NOTE: If you no longer plan to utilize your card reader for future client payments, you can turn off notifications and updates by going to Settings > Features > Card Reader > Toggle OFF > Save.

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